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Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!

Author :Adam G. Katz

Pices : US 49.97



1. Understand why you're correction him
2. Learn from every top trainer
3. How to praise your dog
4. Handling Tips
5. Works on Any Breed of Dog
6. Safe And Fun for you and your dog
7. How to speed up training results
8. An amazingly simple way to get fast results using your dog's "ball drive"
9. The right way to use food in your training program
10.How to use vocal tonation and voice inflection

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. My golden retriever puppy was pretty rambunctious, nipping, destructive, etc. until I let him know who was boss. All the obnoxious behavior stopped, immediately. I've been recommending the book to everyone. Thanks again.
-- Gene & Rose Pedenko, Marina Del Rey, California

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Dog Obedience Training

Author :
Daniel Stevens

Pices : US 37.00


1. Fixing any dog behavior problem
2. Tips and secrets to use in your everyday dog obedience training
3. Specific commands and tricks to teach your dog
4. The best way to select, buy and raise a new puppy or older dog.

You will learn:

Did you know that your dog may not know why you are trying to correct him? Learn how to make him understand.

All the secrets of professional dog trainers are revealed.

Sick of having your dog race out the front door?

Got a dominant dog?

3 How To Potty Train Your Puppy In 7 Days


Author :
Jonathan Bass

Pices : US 19.95



These techniques will not only have amazing results on puppies, but dogs as well.

And, Yes! It really can be easy to potty train your puppy from the comfort of your own home in your spare time.

Your puppy wants nothing more than to please you. Imagine how delighted your puppy will be when he knows you're thrilled when he "asks" to go outside.

You're happy. Your puppy is happy. And most importantly, you've taken a giant step toward bonding with your new best friend.

As a puppy owner, you should know that a disciplined puppy, is a happy puppy. Also that this is the very first, most important step in making both you and your new puppy happy.

You'll discover the secrets that competent, professional puppy trainers use on a daily basis... finally this information can be yours without spending a fortune!

And, unlike other systems, you won't waste weeks of your time on results that are not guaranteed.

"This is the method I've been using for over six years to make myself a lot of money training local dogs for our neighborhood.
This e-book reveals the entire method---from A to Z---and it will work for anyone who uses it."

- David D.
California, USA.

Doesn't require a lot of extra time out of your busy schedule;

Requires no complicated knowledge or skills, and...

Doesn't cost a fortune to use!

90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee


Dog Training Zone

Author :
Charlie Lafave

Pices : US 39.79


"Dog Training Secrets!"
"A Step-By-Step Proven Training System That Will Have Your Dog Or Puppy Obeying Your Every Command!"
Written in plain, easy-to-understand English ¡X with no complicated instructions ¡X this informative system shows you everything you need to know so you can easily start training your adult dog or puppy today.

You'll learn all the basics, such as...

How to train your dog,
How often to train your dog,
How to get him to come to you, sit, stay, heel

"I got your book a couple of months ago and loved it. I learned a lot, and my adopted puppy Suzy, a 6-month old shepherd/hound mix, already knows all the commands: come, sit, stay, heel, and all the rest. My family and friends were amazed at how quickly I trained her. Thanks for writing this easy to follow book."

¡X Priscilla Flynn, Randolph, MA


How I Trained My Dog In One Evening

Author :

Price : US 29.95

Rate :

1. The nifty little trick police officers use to always make sure their dogs come when they¡¦re called¡Kand how it can work like magic for your dog too
2. How to stop your dog from digging holes all over your yard
3. The exact number of toys your dog should have¡Kand why making this simple change can trigger a huge difference in your dogs behavior
4. If you have a dog that bites, here¡¦s the one game you should never play with them
5. How to make all your trips to the vet stress-free
6. Imagine your dog coming up and ¡§telling¡¨ you when he has to go potty¡Kit¡¦s for real and here¡¦s how to do it