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Affiliate Money Tree

Author : Mike Delrue

Pices : US 34.95



Affiliate Money Tree

1. A review of over 35 of my very best money-making affiliate programs for you to sign up to.
2. Over 2500 of my most profitable pay-per-click keywords I use to generate over $18,000 in automatic money with every month for my affiliate programs.
3. A review of over 300 of the best pay-per-click search engines in the world.
4. A review of over 70 of the best affiliate networks for you to sign up to that contains 1000¡¦s of great money making affiliate programs.
5. How to diversify your affiliate programs. To ensure long term affiliate success and commisions.


1. The website provides free chartper to user preview.

2. User can get five free useful ebooks.

3. Author provide his profit summary for reference.

4. The website Google's ranking is 5.


16 Amazing Internet Businesses

Author :

Pices : US 97.00


16 Amazing Internet Businesses

1. How to easily own your own Internet Store selling over 1 million products if you wish, with nothing to stock or fulfill!
2. How to make money with just a single webpage!
3. How to send out e-mail regularly
without spamming
4. How to gather people from all over the world together
5. How to provide the right tools for your visitors to use and make money
6. How to set yourself up to trash
your competition all selling products similar to yours.
7. How to become a millionaire by
just playing with the letters of the alphabet.

"Powerful stuff! Sen Ze has written a comprehensive manual on turn key marketing systems which encompasses a hell of a lot more than any other manual that I have had the pleasure in reading. This is a top quality manual and is a must read for ANY businessperson looking to do business in the 21st century."

- Darren Roberts, Publisher, "AAvenues 2 Your Success", www.topliving.com
"Are you nuts, Sen Ze? This manual is definitely worth 100 times what you're asking for it! It's totally awesome!"
- Den Tan -

3 Super Affiliate Handbook


Author :
Rosalind Gardner

Pices : US 47.00



Super Affiliate Handbook

1. "How To" strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your affiliate marketing business.
2. You get 236 information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples
3. Get an easy-to-understand 5-step overview of the business-building process.
4. Learn why 1-page 'micro sites' don't work in affiliate marketing.
5. Discover the top 25 mistakes that 'normal' affiliates mak e, and how to AVOID them.
6. How to create a web site that keeps visitors coming back for more.
7. 32 ways to market your affiliate sites online and off.

"One thing that most really successful affiliates do is help their visitors make buying decisions by telling them which products are best and why.

A perfect example is Rosalind Gardner, who earns $30,000 to $50,000 a month in affiliate commissions, with a very nice 40% to 50% profit margin."

Allan Gardyne
Comments :

User can study affiliate marketing skills. You will study how to find affiliate and how to promote your website.


Make $3500 Weekly

Author :

Pices : US 47.00


Make $3500 Weekly

No games, tricks, or schemes, I will show you how you can make an excellent yearly income with the help of Google, PayPal and Clickbank.

Well, No more. So, for a limited time only! I have made it my job to inform you of a Internet Income Secret that is making people wealthy everyday.

(Google.com) In the Month of March - 2005 I made $6,090.10 and in the Month of April - 2005 I made $6,953.32 and my income keeps increasing month after month with the amazing secret I have learned to this date.

(Paypal.com) From 3-2-05 to 3-3-05 I had 62 orders for a total of $1294.52 after Paypal took it's fees for my sales transactions. I average around $1100 a day in orders. Not bad! If you ask me.
(Clickbank.com) From 5-1-05 to 5-15-05 I made a total of $2613.02. Again, Not a Bad Check to receive every two weeks on average.

"Thank you so much for the information that you have shared with me. I'm a single mother with three kids, and I was not pulling in enough income to support us. Now all that has changed. I am now making more money than I have ever dreamed. Soon I'm going to buy a new house, I'm so happy. Thanks again."
JoAnne Williams-Bakersfield, CA

"Hi, my name is Kathy. I live in Atlanta, GA and I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. My husband and I divorced a year ago, and I was left with nothing but bills to catch up on. I ran across your site, and a gut feeling told me this was my ticket to get back on my feet. I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I followed my first instinct. So far I've made enough money to pay off some past loans, help my son through college, and buy a new car. Thanks a lot, you're the best."
K. Thomas-Atlanta, GA


Profit Plan

Author :

Price : US 47.95

Rate :

Profit Plan

1. What programs to sell. And Why!
Stop trying to resell garbage that won't sell in the first place! Some people actually do this, DONT LET IT BE YOU! I will show you six programs that really sell without effort! ... And, step-by-numbered-step, I'll show you EXACTLY how to sell all six of them.

2. How to get visitors crawling all over ANY Website of your choice - without spending money.
Some people spend fortunes buying "Traffic" to a website to try and make a sale. Well that's going to STOP! Because I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to get as many visitors as you want to any Website - for NEXT TO NOTHING!

3. A Website that will convert visitors to sales!
What's the point of having great products, lots of site traffic and a lousy sales site? I've seen them - by the hundreds! And the owners never understand why it's not working for them! I'm going to help you through that in one easy step.

"I was among the group of people who thought that the only advertising methods really worth pursuing either had to take a lot of time or a lot of money. My heart's breaking (NOT)...I was wrong.

In my mind, Graham Hamer is a "free and low-cost" marketing genius. I'm sure Graham would argue that he is just using common sense. In any case, he blows Stephen Ducharme ("The Free Ad Guru") out of the water.

Graham Hamer is the real deal when it comes to making free and low-cost advertising work.

In fact after 11 days and only 3 hours of some simple "set-up" work, I have $520.20 in my Clickbank account that proves that they DO work."

Paul Schlegel - www.LearnFastEarnFast.Com

Four Ways to Make Money from website

Sites that provide traditional information. This is the type of site that requires the least imagination but also the most capital investment. Find bodies of information that consumers in the 1980s bought offline and sell them online. This includes movies/videos/television, newspapers, magazines, weather reports, and stock market information. Revenue comes from advertising, links to sites that do retail transactions and give you a kickback, and occasionally subscriptions.

Sites that provide collaboratively created information. This is information that was virtually impossible to collect before the Internet. A dead-trees example would be the Consumer Reports annual survey of automobile reliability. They collect information from their readers via mail-in forms, collate the results, and publish them once a year. The Internet makes this kind of activity less costly for the provider and provides much more immediate and in-depth information for the user. Revenue comes from the same sources as in Category 1 but production expenses are lower. A familiar example of this kind of site is eBay.

Sites that provide a service via a server-side program. An example of this would be providing a wedding planning program. The user tells you how much he or she wants to spend, when and where the wedding is, who is invited, and so on. Your program then figures a detailed budget, develops an invitation list, and maintains gift and thank-you lists. You are then in a position to sell an ad to the Four Seasons hotel that will be delivered to couples getting married on June 25th, who live less than 100 miles away, who are inviting fewer than 80 guests, and who have budgeted more than $17,000. A familiar example of this kind of site is Hotmail.

Sites that define a standard enabling a consumer to seamlessly query multiple databases. For example, car dealers have computers managing their inventory, but those data are imprisoned on the dealers' computers and are unavailable to consumers in a convenient manner. Suppose you define a standard that allows the inventory computers inside car dealerships to download their current selection of cars, colors, and prices. You get the car dealers to agree to provide their information to you. Then your site becomes a place where a consumer can say "I want a new dark green Dodge Grand Caravan with air conditioning and antilock brakes that's for sale within 60 miles of zip code 02176." From your query to the dealers' multiple databases, your user can get a list of all the cars available that match their criteria, and can jump right to the relevant dealer's Web site.