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Online Service and product Comparison

1. Comparison Calalog Selection
2. Compare service or product prices, features, reviews and rating
3. Choice your right product for your online business

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Google Cash System Ebooks Comparison

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Author :
Chris Carpenter

Pices : US 49.95



How to Earn Thousands Writing Google AdWords Part-Time

1. 20 Tips for successful AdWords Campaigns
2. How to find your keywords
3. How to join Affiliate program
4. Free bonus ebooks and 24 free online marketing video guide
"You tell it like it is including real examples of campaigns that you are running that are making money right now. I hope you are not shooting yourself in the foot by making this information available to everyone!"
Jim Nech



Google Adsense secrets

Author :
Joel Comm

Pices : US 97.00


Google Adsense secrets

1. Discover how to optimize your web site for high-paying clicks.
2. Find out how to pull highly relevant ads on-demand, using Google Search.
3. Learn how to optimize your web pages so the search engines will LOVE your site.
4. Understand how to format your ads so your visitors will want to click them.

"Joel Comm's 'Making Money with AdSense' book tells you how to do exactly that! I've been using his techniques and now I'm watching my clicks and earnings go to levels I never thought possible."

- Bob Rankin (The Internet Tourbus)


Google Profit

Author :
Wade M. Winger

Prices : US 49.95


Google Profit

1. 5 Step Google Profits Success Formula
2. How to pick the ultimate ClickBank products to market
3. How to set up ¡§Test Google AdWords¡¨ campaigns
4. Expanding past Google and ClickBank
5. 5 tips for successful AdWords campaigns

Visit the website to read the real profit table.

Ad Word Equalizer

Prices : US 97.00

Rate :



Ad Word Equalizer

1. Build Multiple Streams of Income!
2. No Guess Work!
3. Know the Competition!
4. Get Cheaper Traffic!
5. Conduct Multiple Searches Simultaneously!
6. Top 1000 Searches And The Products Being Sold!
7. Wordtracker Compatibility!
8. Export Your Search Results!
9. Sort Your Searches!
10. Affiliate Equalizer!
11. Ride the Backs of Your Competitors!
12. No More Outdated eBooks!

Make 1000's a Day From Home
Build Multiple Streams Of Revenue In Minutes
Instantly Find Profitable Keywords And Products
Never Have to Own Your Own Website
Never Have to Deal With Any Customers
Never Have to Personally Sell Anything
Increase your Current Revenues In Seconds
Know Exactly What Products Profit Best
Know Exactly What Keywords Profit Best
Multiply Other's Efforts Hundreds of Times For You
Expand Into Every Profitable Niche On The Net
Do Hundreds of Hours of Research With One Click
See A Hot Product The Second it Hits The Market
Find The Cheapest Traffic Possible

By : Offical Website


Google Adwords Secrets Revealed

Author :

Price : US 39.95

Rate :

Google Adwords Secrets Revealed

1. Get your click through rate, sales, and conversions up, while keep costs down.
2. How to capitalize on keywords that convert into sales while loosing the terms which do not.
3. How to break into the affiliate business. Learn how to make tons of extra money with Adwords even if you don't have a website or a product!
4. What keywords are competitors bidding on and how much are they actually bidding.
5. Step by step guide on how we took a loosing campaign all the way to the top, literally!
6. How to profit by finding the keywords you are forgetting.

"Using just 1 strategy you mentioned has resulted in over $1,816 in sales this week alone (I've only had the e-book a week). The ads that attracted those sales were the lowest avearge cost per click (by 2/3) of my other ads. The cost per conversion has been the best I've ever had.

You may think you're smart for writing such a useful e-book. But I'm smarter for buying it for just $39.95 and making $800 in the first week of using it!!! Sucker!! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh............"

Brendon Sinclair


Google Cash Machine

Author :
Sebastian Foss

Price : US 39.97

Rate :



Google Cash Machine

1. It is NOT a promote my affiliate program to make money!
2. It is NOT a NOT A Get-Rich Quick Scheme!
3. It is NOT a Face To Face Selling program of Any Kind!
4. It is NOT a Trial Offer to sign up for!
5. It is NOT some garbage product that refers you to purchase other garbage products.
6. It is NOT a MLM, a Pyramid Scheme, Gifting or anything else like that.
7. It is NOT like anything you have ever seen.

After studying Sebastian's new method I followed this steps, within a few hours I noticed I was making money when I woke up in the morning I noticed I made what most people make in one day at work WHILE i WAS SLEEPING !

Genius, pure Genius

Comments - It is a Automatic system to make money


AdSense Gold

Author :
Jonathan Leger

Price : US 97.00

Rate :


AdSense Gold

1. Using the right Ad Format and Placement...
2. Targetting the Most Valuable Keywords
3. Lots and Lots of Targetted Content
4. Better Statistical Reporting than Google will EVER Give You

Just wanted to thank you for allowing people to purchase your ebook with the AdSense research and the AdSense Tracker. Yesterday I doubled my normal click-through rate.

Since I can see instant stat updates, I made a couple of changes and I should triple my normal CTR today.

The cost has already been deferred...after only one day.

~ Brian


Mastering Google AdWords

Author :

Price : US 24.95

Rate :

Mastering Google AdWords


The ebook introduce Google Adwords operation. And the website provide free adwords tool, articles to user.
For Premium user, they will offer tips to reduce your campaign costs, increase the CTR of your ads, get more traffic and specific suggestions regarding your existing ad copies.

Google Adsense Money Machine

Author :
Sandy Jones

Price : US 49.95

Rate :



Google Adsense Money Machine

1. Step by step Guide with easy to follow instructions.
2. The 10 steps you need to take to be successful.
3. Every secret about Google AdSense that you need to know.
4. How to build a profitable website in 1 hour even if you have NO web experience.
5. How to choose a topic for your website in order for your AdSense earnings to skyrocket.
6. How to choose a domain name for your website that will boost your AdSense earnings.
7. Where to place AdSense ads on your website in order to maximize your earnings.
8. How to setup, run, maintain, and track your Google AdSense Campaigns.
9. Tips for successful AdSense advertising.
10.How to promote your newly built website to attract thousands of visitors.
11.How to use classifieds to increase your AdSense earnings.

You DON'T need any experience!
You DON'T need to handle any products!
There is NO need for physical inventory!
There is NO huge investment required!
DOES NOT Involve any spamming!
You can actually start earning cash in only few days!

Adsense Empire

Author :

Price : US 29.00

Rate :



google adsense



Adsense Empire

1. How YOU can get Google to stream ads onto your website for free.
2. How Google Adsense ads are specially selected to match your site¡¦s topic.
3. How YOU earn money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads.
4. How YOU can get killer content for your site that you don¡¦t have to write yourself!
5. How YOU can use a few simple tools to direct massive amounts of traffic to your site.
6. How YOU can figure out which keywords will bring you the most money!

Thanks to Craig , I¡¦ve gotten checks as large as $4,623.56 in my mailbox. Man, Craig totally rocks!

I didn¡¦t know when I learned this system that my life would end up this way -- making a six-figure income was inconceivable to me. Thank you for changing my life! Today I¡¦m a confident, independent guy who sees the future with endless possibilities. I set my own time and can take vacations on a day¡¦s notice. I work at home, and now that I¡¦m making lots of money I¡¦ve got a great girl I¡¦m engaged to. Who could ask for a better life?

Forever grateful, Jack Masterson

What is Google Cash?
Google Cash (official site) is Chris Carpenter's easy to read eBook. It can help you transform your life by leveraging Google's distribution network for your own personal profit.

He makes it sound way easier than it is with some of his examples, but a creative person could do well with this book.

What Google Cash Does
Google Cash teaches you how to find high profit margin affiliate programs with little competition.

In addition to helping you find these profit pockets Chris also shows you how to:

find the cheapest distribution
find the best affiliate programs
write compelling ads which allow the system to work overtime while you sleep.
Why Google Cash Does Not Work
Many markets are saturated or super saturated. If you are not creative it is hard to think of which products will make money off Google. Not eveyone knows how to emotionally drive people to action.

When Chris Carpenter wrote Google Cash Google AdWords were a less competitive than today.

Why Google Cash Works
The English language has hundreds of thousands of commonly used words in it. We will continue to come up with new ways to use them.

As technology advances more and more personal niches are coming of age. Product lifecycles are getting shorter as well. More and more new markets and opportunities are created each day.