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Online Service and product Comparison

1. Comparison Calalog Selection
2. Compare service or product prices, features, reviews and rating
3. Choice your right product for your online business

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ProfitCalc for Ebay

Author :
Joel A. Peterson

Pices : US 37.00



ProfitCalc for Ebay

1. Author is a power seller of Ebay.
2. A "What if" tool. Allows you to instantly change variables to calculate "What if scenarios"
3. Calculates EXACT cost (not just what eBay tells you) for first and second listing insertion fees based on winning bid success ratios.
4. Helps you make decisions
5. Helps you forecast the sales possibilities on any particular item.
6. Works for any eBay seller. This software works great if you sell unique individual items (like from pawn shops and garage sales).

Profit Calc for eBay is so powerful yet so easy to use. In just 10 minutes I realized that I was paying about 40% more in fees than I needed to!

After re-tooling my listing strategy I not only saved hundreds of dollars in listing fees... I increased my sell-through rate by 55% in just one week!

You must get this software!

Mark Osler, Boise, Idaho


Make Up To $11,212.00 On eBay

Author :
Janiece Smith

Pices : US 39.95


Make Up To $11,212.00 On eBay

1. How I made over $2,100 dollars from one company in less than 30 day
2. Five of the secret ways I get companies to practically beg me to help them get rid of their products. These five secrets are worth more than solid gold
3. The amazing two-step system for getting more checks than your mailbox can hold
4. The "secret tip" that will make your business easier than ever
5. The ultimate way to make money and never touch a product
6. How you can get me to be your personal success coach...

"Janiece put her heart and soul into this book! Anyone who is interested in learning how to sell on eBay from an honest and truly genuine person, should buy this book. You will not be disappointed in what she has to share."

Mike P.
Beacon, NY
Warehouse Manager


"This book is a must read for anyone serious about making money online. Why not get it, it's guaranteed!"

Susan W.
Bakersfield, CA
Stay-At-Home-Mom and Student


The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay

Author :
Jim Cockrum

Prices : US 27.97


The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay

Chapter 1 - How to earn money
Chapter 2 - New to eBay? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
Chapter 3 - Collecting payments online
Chapter 4 - One of my Silent Sales Machines
Chapter 5 - Details that make my Silent Sales Machine work
Chapter 6 - Might you need your own product?
Chapter 7 - Improving your machine
Chapter 8 - Resources for your Silent Sales Machine
Chapter 9 - Start your machine without writing anything
Chapter 10 - Huge mailing lists using eBay leads
Chapter 11 - How to make money with this book
Chapter 12 - Creating money from thin air on eBay
Chapter 13 - Creating money with other people stuff
Chapter 14 - Free and really cheap stuff that sells well on eBay
Chapter 15: Tips for sellers that you wont find on eBay

Hello. I purchased your book and have read it and re-read it in whole and in part 3 or 4 times. Thanks for the great insights and info. I've been studying and researching internet marketing from many online gurus but your book is the one source that I can truly say has inspired me to begin!

Chad Maslak

"I ordered the "Silent Sales Machine" book and would like to give credit when it's due. I sincerely appreciate the advice you gave in it. I sell **** on eBay and am the largest volume dealer of **** on eBay. In less than 4 hours I have already made more than twice the amount of money your book cost me. I am so excited and wanted to thank you sincerely."



Prospecting On eBay

Prices : US 39.97

Rate :



Prospecting On eBay

1. How to follow up with leads
2. Six powerful techniques to convert a freebee seeker into a cash spending buyer
3. What to test to improve your prospecting system
4. You'll learn step by step how to sell expensive items using low cost lead generators within eBay
5. How to divert auction viewers to your website so you can get their email addresses
6. How to make someone want to read your emails
7. How to automate your emails with an autoresponder
8. How to set up your prospecting auctions
9. The six must have ingredients of a prospecting auction - leave just one of these out and you'll drastically lower your results
10.How to select the right item to list on eBay

Hi Terry,

I just spent the last couple of hours with my eyeballs glued to your new Prospecting Manual. All I can say is, "Excellent!" As someone who has used eBay for years to collect leads and grow my lists, I can honestly say that your manual even gave me a few ideas, one of which is guaranteed to put even more money in my pocket.

This is great info for beginners and old pros alike.

Tim Knox Entrepeneur, Author & Speaker

Bonus ebook:
* Profitable Ezines
* Lead Generation On eBay
* Lead Generation On eBay - Part Two


Ebay Search Profits

Author :
Barbara Ling

Price : US 47.00

Rate :

Ebay Search Profits

1. How to drive up the final bid paid by magnetizing your online auctions so potential customers will flock to your offer in droves

2. How to dynamically increase your sell-thru rate using dramatically effective strategies that require less than 10 minutes to get running

3. How to virtually guarantee anyone looking for your offerings will zero in on your pages first

4. How to powerfully boost your auction earnings by implementing a simple 5 minute traffic-generating trick aimed at making your website a super-charged electro-magnetic buyer attractant

I thought I'd heard it all when it came to online auction promotions. I was wrong. You have uncovered some very powerful concepts and spelled them out in black and white for everyone from newbie to auction pro. Congrats on a very professional and powerful product. I review about 5 books per week pertaining to online auctions and yours is the best I've seen in months. That's the truth.

Jim Cockrum author-"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay"

Ebay Tips

Sell quality products. Don't sell junk! Leave the knick-knacks and fake leather jackets to the less-informed. You should offer only quality products at a fair price.

Research the competition. Once you have your product in mind, don't invest a dime on inventory until you've spent some time on eBay to see what the competition is doing. If you want to sell motorcycle helmets, for example, you should look at current auctions to see how many others are selling similar helmets and what prices they are charging. This step is vital since you may discover that you can't compete with current sellers on price or there is simply no market for what you have to offer.

Start slowly. Many people believe that the more items they have for sale on eBay, the better. They will invest thousands in inventory and spent hundreds on listing fees. (Yes, eBay charges you to list items for sale and collects a final fee if the item sells.) Those are the folks that usually end up with 10,000 Ginsu knives forever in their garage.

Test, Test, Test. A fair portion of eBay auctions result in no sales, so it's best to test the waters before jumping in with both feet.

List a few items and see how they sell. If an item doesn't sell, list it at least twice more. Some items might not sell the first time, but may the second or third, then sell steadily from then on. If an item gets no bids the first time, consider adjusting your price or your terms. If an item sells well, keep it in stock and then experiment with another item.

Do your homework. eBay is too broad a subject to be covered fully here, but there are a multitude of books available that can help you start an eBay business. In fact, I bet you'll find most of them for sale at this very moment on eBay.